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In the best interest of our clients and their privacy, it is our practice not to reveal any contact information of our clients. Should any parties feel uncomfortable or skeptical on the testimonial section, we leave it entirely to the organisation and individual to justify.We respect and appreciate serious clients only.

Quotes I am happy how the people in Smegroup helped my case, from day 1 taking my case till release of loan. Even my visit to them also recorded including whatever documets they give or whatever document I give them. All they advise me, I follow. Otherwise no body will help me, get loan for my Daging business. Thank you so much. Quotes
Aishah Yusoff
Thank you

Quotes Thanks to SMEGROUP for the letter of offer on 3/08/2015. May the Almighty continue to shower you blessings to help everyone. Amen. Quotes
Gerard Low
Praise the lord

Quotes I would call myself the happiest person on earth for signing the Letter of Offer on 9/06/2015. I express my sincere gratitude and if given chance, would like to honour the hard works of the consultants and teams behind this. Thank you. Quotes
Ahmad Misbun

Quotes Thank you for the chance and letter of offer that I signed on 21/05/2015. I very much appreciate your truthful work. I will recommend my friends to you. Quotes
Jasmon Bukhari
Thank you

Quotes My sincere thanks to all SMEGROUP team for the financial assistance on 27/01/2015. My Chinese New Year will be the most special one this time. Thank you so much. Quotes
Danny Ong
Hats off

Quotes Syukur ke hadrat illahi menemukan saya dengan pihak yang ikhlas membantu saya menghuraikan kekusutan kewangan. Sejak sekian lama saya menaiki tangga2 pihak2 tertentu untuk mendapatkan perhatian. Namun hampa dan buntu. Hanya smegroup dan team yang dapat membantu saya tanpa saya perlu menghadiri kursus2 yang tidak bermakna untuk saya. Terima kasih banyak2. Quotes
Farhana Muhammad Annuar
Terima kasih

Quotes I am extremely blessed to get to know this org for assisting me with the fund, both from Gov and Bank. The fees are reasonable and I like when all the processing are documented. My queries are answered promptly. Nowadays who will give you agreement spelling out terms and securing clients' interest. This org does that. Thumbs up!!! Quotes
Ante Parivenan
Very relieved

Quotes I truly thankful to these great people to assist me with a property loan (Signed December 2013), Business Loan (Signed on 20/10/2014) and now waiting for Government Grant for my factory. Thanks. Quotes
Ley Har

Quotes I am typing this on behalf of my aunty who received the fund just before Hari Raya Haji. We are operating meat supply business and in this rushing time, we need capital. Or else we will lose the business. We are thankful and greatful to Smegroup for helping us. Quotes
Azrul Hanafi
Terima kasih

Quotes I am now the proud owner of a unit in highly acclaimed luxury residence in Kuala Lumpur. Certainly SMEGROUP deserves huge thanks for making my dream come true. I read many testimonials and nw I am honoured to write one. Quotes
Kevin Tee
Proud owner
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