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In the best interest of our clients and their privacy, it is our practice not to reveal any contact information of our clients. Should any parties feel uncomfortable or skeptical on the testimonial section, we leave it entirely to the organisation and individual to justify.We respect and appreciate serious clients only.

Quotes I received the fund on 22/09/2014. Syukur Alhamdullilah! Thank you SMEgroup. Yes. Certainly recommend to everyone. Quotes
Thumbs up!

Quotes I am indeed feel blessed and relieved with the release of the fund on 5/8/2014. I had nightmares owing people around me and I was wondering how I could settle them. Banks refused to help me when I met them personally. Eventually you came like GOD.. I truly believe in what my late mum used to say 'God comes in human form.. and we neve know how'.. I do not know how to honour you guys than writing in here...if permitted. I knew it was tiring trying to sustain in biz but I am glad I did it and huge credit to you guys. Quotes
Annie Khoo

Quotes Dear SMEgroup team members, thank you for the banking facilities that nobody could assist me. Words can't describe my feelings. I am grateful to you. Thank you. Syukur Alhamdullilah. Quotes
Thanks for the Million

Quotes You have proven to me your method that works. I can pursue my dream now. Thanks. Quotes

Quotes Thank you for allowing me to sign the Offer on 21/03/2014. The release of facilities are very meaningful to me and my husband. In times of turbulence you helped us. Thank you! Quotes
Angie Ng Siew Ting
Thumbs Up

Quotes I think this is the best place I can thank the entire team for your help in securing the hotel building. I have had hard times, honestly, even talking to the banks. I wish you a blissful year 2014. Quotes
DK Hajah Latifah Pg Haji Raziman
Happy New Year 2014

Quotes Thank you for the Xmas present and arranging the release by end of the year. Without you no Xmas and may the Lord bless you with abundance and may the Lord be with you to help those in financial hardship like myself. Amen! Quotes
Grace Lee
Love Letter to Jesus Christ

Quotes I thank you for the property financing. I know Malysia is a beautiful place to do business. Quotes
Ali Nakhila

Quotes My sincere gratitude to this organisation: a) to get my son admitted to the most prestigious university in Malaysia by showing us way to get education funding b) to deliver the grant as promised which been very helpful in my business venture c) SME business package to totally refurbish my business and breath freely now Overall, I have no comment and complain. It takes sheer determination, perseverance and I believe respect to be helped out in times of needs. I have outsourced one service to these people and they have been doing the job fairly fantastic. A big thank you to all of you. Quotes

Quotes If my testimonial could accredit your service, I would be the most happiest person. I have no other better way to express my appreciation for the work you have done for me which saved my boutique. I wanted to offer more fee but you were too generous not to accept anything more than your little fees. Do present to your future clients on the copy of LO I signed on 19/6. Thank you once again for your help. Quotes
You saved my Boutique
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