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Quotes Pertama sekali terima kasih kepada pihak SMEGROUP untuk memberi panduan untuk menandatangani surat tawaran pada 30 May 2013. Saya amat menghargai segala jasa baik dan bantuan yang diunjurkan sepanjang permohonan saya. Kedua saya ingin memohon ampun sekiranya ada kata-kata yang menyinggung perasaan mana-mana pihak. Akhir sekali, mintak pihak SMEGROUP bantu tambahkan lagi modal untuk membiayai mesin dan peralatan. SubhanAllah.... Quotes
Penantian berhasil

Quotes Thank you for landing me the disbursements on 14th May, 2013. My tireless waiting has paid off, and yes I will certainly get back to you on few other matters that I want you all to do for me. Sometimes reading in the internet wrong information can make us feel jumping from the building. People are varieties. Same like those who wrote badly about my renovation company. I wish you all to continue your kind works, to help all people suffering like me. Quotes
Anne Low
Heartfelt Appreciation!

Quotes Saya amat berterima kasih atas bantuan yang diberikan kepada syarikat saya. Perniagaan saya di Ranau, cukup modal untuk diubah suai dan sediakan kemudahan untuk pelanggan untuk meginap. Saya akui memang amat sukar untuk saya sendiri untuk mendapatkan pinjaman kerana diminta oleh pihak peminjam menghadiri beberapa kursus yang saya sendiri tak faham. Tetapi saya hadir demi kewangan yang dijanjikan. Namun semua usaha ke hulu ke hilir amat mengecewakan. Tetapi dengan bantuan SMEGROUP yang dirujuk oleh rakan saya di Sabah jugak, saya mampu mendapatkan pinjaman. Nasib baik ada pihak-pihak seperti ini yang ikhlas dan bertoleransi mendengar isi hati kita. Quotes
Luwak Anak Midi
Terima kasih

Quotes I am honoured to pen down my worth-waiting experience with SMEGROUP. I signed the Letter of Offer on 1st April 2013, which I thought an April Fool.. Sorry for this. I can't believe myself till I signed the LO and received the fund on 3/4/2013 after the normal banking procedures. I take this opportunity to thank SMEGROUP for the effort, guidance and for shouldering me, a single mother during the turbulence. Quotes
Alice Chia

Quotes I thank all for the help. I sign at the bank the letter...still cannot believe. Happy...Happy.. Thank you many many times. 祝你好運 Quotes
Pebby Hew

Quotes I take this time to thank all team members to guide me during the application process till release of loan- 21/11/2012. The loan means a lot to me. You can take my letter to show to your other client. Thanx once again. Quotes
Wilson Teh
Must apply

Quotes With extreme pleasure I am writing this to honour this team for assisting me with my business expansion-loan and grants, also tax planning. Just feel so relieved. Touched with the generosity and hospitality shown during my hard times. My continuous support to you SMEGROUP. Quotes
Alan Lee

Quotes If anyone asked me the most memorable time in my life I would say 3/10/2012 bcoz this was the day I signed the LO that now made me able to sleep peacefully. My suppliers in China could only consider shipping my order if I deposit cash. No credit term and my store started to look empty. I was very worried and I tried many know out of desperation. I truly feel happy that GOD did heard me and sent me SMEGROUP. Go for it you guys out there! I mean if you are biz people. Quotes
Happiest of moment

Quotes I am impressed with how these group of people could assist me successfully. I agree they have the knowledge that is proven to be result oriented. Thanks. Quotes
Simon Tan
Result oriented

Quotes I dedicate my successful business venture to SMEGROUP for the help they have rendered to me in March 2012. And still I am getting their assistance on other area. I wish I could invite everyone to my boutique but for security reason and the policy of SMEGROUP I cannot do so. Thank you SMEGROUP. Quotes
Rosa Maria Jeremiah
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