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Quotes Thinking of those struggling moments, I owe my gratitude to you. Will refer back with some plan. Terima Kasih. Syukur Alhamdullilah... Quotes
Anu Mat
Great year

Quotes I'm impressed. Satisfied. Happy. Big relief. Thank you. Gong Xi Ni.. Quotes
Kok Han Fu
2012 Double Joy

Quotes I am an Italian ori, now with PR. Set-up business with local partners long time ago. Considering few factors, we failed to get facilities loans/working capital from any resources. We were struggling. Orders were plenty. But not enough to pay suppliers to renew credit terms. We even sought foreign fund but that too was very difficult. Glad you helped us by breaking the impossibilities. Patience pays off!!! Quotes
Christopher Bennedict D'souza
Funding is possible

Quotes Taking this opportunity to thank you for the property and business financing. Hope you could help me to upgrade in 6-mth time. Quotes
Juicy Treat!

Quotes Ribuan terima kasih kepada Tetuan SMEGROUP untuk mendapatkan pinjaman sehingga 'drawdown'. Janji saya akan membayar balik pinjaman kepada bank dgn sebaik-baiknya. Quotes
Che Un Che Mat
Terima kasih!

Quotes I was terribly affected investing huge some of money to get assistance to set up a factory in Johor which happened in 2009. After so many twist and turns in life, I met these wonderful team. I received assistance last month and pursuing further exercise with them to realize my dream, which I could not get from the Government although I have capabilities. Quotes
Wan Mat Radzif
Blessing in disguise

Quotes I don knw how to say tis. But I m glad these ppl really helped me to obtain d loan. I have real big plan n I turned to many ppl for loans. None cld assit me. Finally these ppl frm SMEGROUP...I knw frm the website, like miracle, I met n d rest was history. My showroom jst opened n last time those Gov ppl refused to grant me d loan now, flocked to my plc n stunned with my products. What a funny world. Thank you SMEGROUP. Quotes
Suzanna Ayob
Too good to believe

Quotes Thank you for the loan you have helped me. Alreday release on 10/06/2011. I am very happy that I can pay my suppliers now, and also renovate my shop. Thanks one again. Quotes
Veronica Ng
God bless Smegroup

Quotes I was confused and as much as worried at first. But I was in deep sxxx that if I don help myself no one gonna help me. I decided.And now am to venture into d biz that had been long postponed due to financial constrain. Thank you for the opportunities that you have given. Quotes

Quotes Allah swt bantu setiap umat manusia dengan cara-NYA yang tersendiri. Ketabahan kita menghadapi cabaran saya percaya pasti akan mendapat pahalanya. Tiada lagi perkataan lebih besar boleh saya ungkapkan selain daripada Syukur Allamdullilah untuk apa yang SMEGROUP bantu. Hamba2 Allah yang ingin bebaskan diri dari belengu hutang-piutang, percayalah ikut cara SMEGROUP. Insyaallah. Quotes
Syukur Alhamdullilah
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