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In the best interest of our clients and their privacy, it is our practice not to reveal any contact information of our clients. Should any parties feel uncomfortable or skeptical on the testimonial section, we leave it entirely to the organisation and individual to justify.We respect and appreciate serious clients only.

Quotes I am a professional attached to a reputable organisation in the country. Well problems does not know who and where, and why. In an attempt to save my head, I have tried many mediums for all became unscrupulous people. But I managed to SIT DOWN now and write this thank you note for SMEGROUP with tears of joy for the release of the facilities on 23/03/2011. Quotes
Halimah Isa
Great work!

Quotes My sincere thanks to the whole team assisting me for the loan for which I thought I will not get forever and die with my difficulties. My sincere thanks! Quotes
Kevin Lim

Quotes I really thank this company for the loan. I am from Johor and running a food stall, small timer. Managed to get the loan to expand to open up few other stalls and to settle some debts with mony lenders. Quotes
Jeniffer Soh
A blessed help

Quotes Thank you SMEGROUP for assisting me in getting the huge fund for my business. Otherwise I would get stuck with my suppliers. Quotes
Jeeva Samuel Dass

Quotes I have obtained financial facilities recently. Glad SMEGROUP helped me to expand my business. Seriously no joke man... Leave out your worries, I am relieved now Quotes
Mr.Tan Kan Hang

Quotes I own a Bridal shop in Kuala Lumpur. Due to lack of capital I can't move ahead. I tried at the bank bt failed. They asked many documents and after some time came a reply ' regret to inform'. Then I tried money lender and they charge me high interest 20% per month. Now with the help of SMEGROUP I managed to buy the beauty machineries and cover other expenses. No more money lender and no more problen with them. I thankful to SMEGROUP. Quotes

Quotes I received the facilities on 12/02/2011 after some time of waiting. My sincere thanks to the company to make it possible. Anyone out there still confused, 'tepuk dada tanya selera'. I am a businessman with business mind!! Quotes
Encik Taruddin Yusoff
Go for it!

Quotes "This year's Christmas is a special one. I have managed to sort out many of business problms. Thanks SMEGROUP" Quotes
Victoria Raj
Million Thanks

Quotes I have received the fund recently that I have invested in the property and machineries. Thank you SMEGROUP Quotes
Rehana S

Quotes Saya berminat dengan servis syarikat ini melalui kawan saya yang berjaya mendapat pinjaman. Saya memang puas hati dengan penerangan yang diberikan. Quotes
Astifah Bt Jamal
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