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Quotes I met the Company in January 2010. But I don't apply because my friend introduced me to another guy. According to my friend that guy can help me fast. I waited, waited, waited already June 2010. Nothing happening. Finally I approched this Company again in July 2010. September 2010, I got my loan ready. Trust me, SMEGROUP can help. Quotes
Puan Lia
Bank Facilities

Quotes I applied the loan and followed their advice. Everything the Company do got Black & White Agreement. But I follow their advise strictly. My shop is in Sungai Petani, Kedah... I got loan within 1 month. Quotes
Vantalaour Shantakumar

Quotes I know this Company through Google Search. I want to set company, but no money. No bank want to give if I apply Direct. I can pay bank monthly monthly but they ask biz plan, biz profile and many many documen. SMEGROUP do all for me and they release money as pomise. Quotes
Lawrence Teh (Johor Bahru)
They do what they say

Quotes Saya rasa amat bertuah kerana dibantu oleh SMEGROUP untuk mendapat pinjaman bank yang sebelum ini amat sukar disebabkan masalah peribadi dan sebagainya. Quotes
Puan Badariah Binti Mat Kamil

Quotes I peniaga kecil-kecilan kat Kuala Lumpur. Seperti biasa memerlukan modal untuk buat biz baru. Dah jumpa ramai ogang yang kata nak bantu. Akhir sekali duit habis lesap, keja tak jalan. Buntu habis... Syukur Alhamdullilah... pihak SMEGROUP dapat bantu. Yang penting SABAR. Kemudian cuba kalo caya dan yakin. Quotes
Baharom Samsul
Cuba kalo yakin

Quotes I have to tell the truth that I was actually doubtful of the Company's service as there are many so called consultants who behave irresponsibly out there. My situation was so diificult that I couldn't put in writing.... SMEGROUP helped me with the fund from BANK that I have to tell made me relieved.... Quotes
Ms. July Fernandez

Quotes Saya berkecimpung dalam industri makanan ringan di Kuala Terengganu. Saya agak bingung dengan urusan pinjaman di bank dan jugak prosedur-prosedur bank yang amat memeningkan. Saya berjumpa salah seorang perunding yang membantu saya mengendalikan pinjaman dari Bank dan juga mendapatkan modal daripada Kerajaan dalam bentuk Geran. Quotes
Ramli Bin Haji Majid
Terima Kasih

Quotes Yes...SMEGROUP service goes with their tag line "To believe is to experience" Quotes
Dr. Suryakumar
Fantastic approach

Quotes I am a Korean and have appointed local Directors as Nominees to run the Business in Malaysia. Somehow we had financial difficulties, especially purchasing stocks for the increasing demand from Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong. I should say I am lucky to have known SMEGROUP for their dedication and professional advice assisting us. Thank you. Quotes
Mr. Lee Shio Wei
Happy with release!
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