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1) Legitimately doing business in Malaysia and for Malaysians only. This includes Sabah & Sarawak.

2) Those with and without Business Premise can apply

3) Sole-proprietor/ Partnership / Sdn Bhd can apply

4) We accept CCRIS cases ( Subject to our discretion) and CTOS (Subject to conditions)

5) All clients are expected to prove their SERIOUSNESS in pursuing their business venture, either  a start-up company or particular business idea.

6) Clients blacklisted by us due to non-payment of fees, breach of agreement, cancelled/ dishonoured  cheque and those do not  observe business ethics,shall not be considered AGAIN.

7) Open for applicants between the age of 21 to 70 years only.

8) Open to those who SERIOUSLY need help to achieve business goals or settle financial issues.

9) Government Grants shall be considered at the discretion of our Consultants at no fees.


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  • "I am happy how the people in Smegroup helped my case, from day 1 taking my case till release of loan. Even my visit to them also recorded including whatever documets they give o..."
    Aishah Yusoff
    Thank you
  • "Thanks to SMEGROUP for the letter of offer on 3/08/2015. May the Almighty continue to shower you blessings to help everyone. Amen. "
    Gerard Low
    Praise the lord
  • "I would call myself the happiest person on earth for signing the Letter of Offer on 9/06/2015. I express my sincere gratitude and if given chance, would like to honour the hard ..."
    Ahmad Misbun

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We are not in any way related to money lending companies. Neither we represent SME BANK nor any other organization. We are independent professional consultancy firm. All the banking facilities are arranged only from the bank and approved financial institutions. All visitors are advised to read our confidentiality policy.

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